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Dancing Leopard started back in 2009 when head leopards Jade and Jack became inspired by the Hippie markets of Goa. They headed up to North India to source beautiful prints and fabrics and worked closely with a tailor (who they are still friends with to this day) to create some bohemian styles.

Our wild duo took to the markets of London - Portabello, Camden and Brick Lane to sell their designs. Soon after the Leopards set sail in their trusty campervan to Ibiza to showcase their collections to the local boutiques.

Every year the collection expanded and the brand started to gain momentum due to regular events such as festivals, clothes parties and fashion shows across Ibiza and the UK.

During this time the duo also started to work closely with the most beautiful person they knew - Sarah Qaisar and along with some amazing photographers began to create some beautiful content.


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- Floral playsuit 100% polyester

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